Thursday, 10 December 2015

Xmas Texas Scramble

This Saturday see's me entering our Christmas Texas Scramble, a 3-man/lady & mixed teams will battle it out, for hopefully anything but a Turkey!

Unlike my previous post and dislike of Greensomes I really like a good Texas Scramble as you don't essentially only play half a round and you should go through your bag and clubs no different to a normal round, although here at Coventry Golf Club the format is slightly different to how we played it at a previous club!

Everyone tees off on each hole and you simply select the best drive, however, each team member must have 5 drives each of which 1 of them must be on a par 3, that then leaves 3 wild (free) drives for whoever may be driving well that day to take some pressure off those of us who may not be!

Once the drive is selected the others collect and pick up their balls, the person whose drive is chosen marks to the side of his ball and proceeds to take their next shot, the other players then place their ball near to the mark and subsequently take their shots also, and so it continues like this until the ball is in the hole and so this is a strokeplay competition.

This format is slightly different to how I used to play before at a previous club, whereas whoevers ball was chosen whether it be the drive, 2nd, 3rd shot or even a putt, that person did not take their next shot, they simply marked where their ball came to rest and picked it up, this meant that immediately after a drive or any decent shot nobody could dominate a hole with a strong drive followed by a strong approach, which I think is a good format personally.

Anyway, tune in on Sunday to read how I fared, will I have contributed well to my team and its fillet steak and a nice vintage port afterwards, or will I be still at the club plucking the Turkeys!