Friday, 4 December 2015

The weekend cometh

There isn't usually a lot to get excited about over the winter months, the weather is very unpredictable, the course will be wet, muddy in places, the odd winter green in operation and leaves, oh no, please no more leaves! So, normally on a Friday afternoon prior to ordering my traditional Chinese at 5pm, I would usually have 1 (one) eye on the weekend and give my clubs a quick clean, my shoes a polish and go through the pockets in my bag ensuring I have no last minute panics (or old bananas) as I'm a little OCD in my preparations, however, with new clubs and new shoes in hand there's not a lot for me to do, so, I thought I'd write you all a few lines.

I'll be going to my golf club for a practice session tomorrow (Saturday), mainly concentrating on my gaps with the new clubs between 50 & 130 yards, so that's my 2 (two) new Mizuno S5 wedges along with my 9 & 8 RSi Tour Preferred irons, I'm really looking to home in on these yardages to give myself more par opportunities when I don't hit the greens in regulation, but when I do, also be able to go pin hunting for the birdie opportunities, so a little time will be spent on the putting green.

Then, after a few hours on the practice area and putting green I'll retire to the clubhouse for a nice pint, or 2, of Bombardier and watch the football scores come in, this, I hope will set me up nicely for Sunday.

Sunday Festive Greensomes followed by Christmas Dinner and I've got a partner (woohoo), I'm playing with the A-team captain who is also our newly appointed Competitions Chairman, the other 2-ball accompanying us is the past A-team captain who's off scratch along with his wife, so I'd better behave, note to self, no potty mouth!   Really looking forward to Sunday, although Greensomes isn't everyone's cup of tea, it's a knock and hopefully any work from the Saturday session will bare fruit, if it does, you'll all be the first to know ;-)