Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Greensomes & Marmite

I think I've come to the conclusion that both of these fall into the same criteria, you either love them or loathe them, there is no inbetween and nothing to separate them, what's my verdict, I'm sorry but I don't like either!

I've given Greensomes a good go now, and my last outing on Sunday I played just as poorly as I've ever played before in all the previous Greensomes I've entered, I just can't get synced into the format however good the company is with me, it's simply not my game.

OK I didn't get off to a great start on Sunday in the unannounced and very unwelcome pouring rain as we tee'd off at lunchtime which doesn't help matters, and I can at times be a little cold out the traps, especially if I don't get a few good swings in the nets prior to warm and loosen up, but I do have it in my locker to come back stronger on the back 9 or sometimes the other way around, but in Greensomes I just can't get into the mindset at all!

I started on the 17th on Sunday with my partner and the first time I used any of my 4 wedges was on the 12th, I'm sorry but that's just plain daft, all of a sudden it's a big shot and I've not had a wedge of any description in my hand for a feel shot for 13 holes! I also don't think I had a proper putt until our 3rd or the 4th hole in the competition, and that was for a birdie, I subsequently left it a good 3 foot short as every green before I either didn't have to get my putter out as my partner sunk them or I tapped them in from 2 inches, I'm sorry but how on earth can you get into your game when you might be either just hitting all the approaches into the green and never putting or chipping for hours or not getting any mid irons out because of taking your own drives!  

So, in conclusion, we finished with a miserly 32 points, the winners who were our playing partners amassed an excellent 43 points, and a stat which was worked out over dinner afterwards was, they only took 26 putts!!  I had 7 drives chosen and what was surprising from that stat was that 4 of those were all our par 3's!

Anyway, no more, I'm sorry but Greensomes goes into room 101 or at the back of the cupboard just like that dusty jar of Marmite, it's hard enough finding new playing partners without burning them in a format I just can't associate with so I'm not risking burning any more.

Greensomes R.I.P