Tuesday, 1 December 2015

What's in the bag?

Its nearly a complete bag change for me but I felt the time was right.

I had been playing with Mizuno MP-52's for nearly 3 years and got on very well with them, but an offer to have new irons as a gift was too good to turn down, so, I now have the new RSi Tour Preferred irons from 4-P/W by Taylormade. I chose these as I wanted to stay with a muscleback forged iron similar to my previous MP-52's and believed that a change to CB's would be a step backwards.

I also had a Daddy Long Legs putter which again I was very comfortable with, but only on smaller greens, when it came to much larger greens I never felt in control of it so I have reverted back to an Odyssey Works Versa bladed putter with a fat Superstroke grip, and I am extremely happy with it.

I have just taken delivery of the new Mizuno Blue S5 wedges, I have stayed with Mizuno as I had the MP-T4's before so this is simply an upgrade, I have opted for the 52/09, 56/10 & 60/06 so I have good range of bounce options.

Whilst writing this I am still awaiting delivery of my gap wedge but here are the 2 other new additions.

The top of my bag has only slightly changed, in that, I still have my custom fit SLDR with a Matrix Black Tie shaft (stiff) and this is now supported by the SLDR 12 degree Mini-driver and then my trusty Cleveland 17 degree (4w) Launcher.

I am very happy with my bag now and see little to change or swap anything out over the coming season.