Sunday, 13 December 2015

Put up or shut up....

It's becoming very difficult to look forward to the weekends, I suppose it's the consequence of the winter and living on this island with the ever unfriendly and challenging wet weather we experience for what seems an eternity at times, it's certainly making my golfing season feel much shorter than normal and thus I am not swinging my new golf clubs anywhere near enough as I would like.

Competitions are being postponed due to the extensive wet weather we are all enduring across the country and unfortunately unlike a fellow blogger, Martin Bedborough, whom I am gunning for and targeting as a benchmark for some friendly rivalry, I am unfortunately not someone who enjoys going to the range, unless it's a grass bank like they have at the nearby Warwickshire Golf Club so I can emulate my shots and strikes as I would on the course, scabby mats with rubber tee's are not for me, no thanks!

If I have a slight weakness in my game at present it's getting off the tee with a degree of consistency, although others around me say I'm OK and my stats off Pin Seekerz from my most recent competitions over the last couple of months have me at 69% for fairways hit and 33% greens in regulation, however, I know it's the cause for me to have to do as much scrambling as I have to, which I have become very good at, but for all the wrong reasons!

As Tigger has mentioned, numbers and stats on a blog don't really tell the whole golfing story, well they can't because my stats dwarf and outperform those of that pesky big cat and yet were quite a way apart as far as handicaps go, so, I'm going to reinvest in a Game Golf track and display kit to monitor my performance whilst playing so it highlights more where I'm throwing these shots away when I have decent basic stats, only problem is, it's going to cost me a new laptop also as my PC is, let's say, a little outdated and isn't compatible!

So, I'm going to have to knuckle down and get a bit more serious and committed if I want to achieve my goals for 2016 and put aside my dislikes of the range over the winter months and adopt an attitude that I have to put up with things I don't like or want to do if I truly want 2016 to be The Year of the Fish, I can't go pulling anyone else's tails and then not put the work in myself.

 So it's time for me to put up or shut up, get out there as much as I can whether it's in terms of the practice ground at my Coventry Golf Club which will be irons only, a traditional driving range, a roll-up or taking a few clubs out on the course on my own, which in these conditions I would have all to myself!

So they'll be a few posts over the winter regarding my practice sessions, what I worked on and what I think I got from them and more importantly, did I transfer them to the course in my next rounds, so stay tuned folks....